Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Some quick things.

I'm starting to get bored with manga. There is nothing new that really appeals to me and I find most of the new stuff boring, generic, or annoying. I'm even getting tired of some of the series that I started collecting long time ago. I was abandond at Hastings the other day with ten bucks and 2 hours of time and as I waited for my Mom, I read comics in print for the first time like graphic novels and comic books and I really enjoyed them and when I go there agian with enough cash, I'm going to buy something else other than manga for the first time. It's kinda ridiculous, but we all have to start somewhere, espiecally since I want to make comics and not manga since I don't live in japan or know japanese. I'll still collect some of my favorite series, but I think I want to move on. Anyway, here are some small illustrations.
Pardon the jpeg file
 A character from Suikoden III, one of my favorite manga series.
I doodled this a few months ago. See you tomorrow!

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