Monday, June 27, 2011


Here we are agian. I'm not totally sure who is actually looks at my blog, and those who do, thank you for taking your time to take a look. I would really like my blog to be more public but at the same time I am either under motivated or absolutely terrified of mkaing my art more public. Like, when I want to comment on someones blog post of artists who are way more experienced and better than me, I freeze up in fear of how they would react to my blog if they decide to check it out. I'm also condiering getting a tumblr to act as a mirror blog to this one because a lot of my favorite artists have a tumblr than a blogger. Anyway, here's some stuff! I've been experimenting with backgrounds and lighting effects, so they are a kinda sloppy.
 Another chracter from Suikoden :) Thanks for viewing!

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